Halo Instagram Ignites Xbox x Nintendo Speculation With Latest Post

Insiders recently teased that a Nintendo x Xbox announcement is coming at some point this year. For now, it remains to be seen what this announcement will be. Leading theories believe Xbox Game Pass is involved, but at the moment, these are just theories. That said, right in the middle of all this speculation, the official Halo Instagram account shared fan art showing Mario characters reimagined as Halo characters.

More specifically, the official Instagram account for Halo shared a new piece of fan art from "Jake B" that shows Mario as Master Chief, Peach as Cortana, Bowser as Arbiter, Koopa Trooap as a Grunt, and Donkey Kong as a Brute.

As you can see, the fan art is impressive, but it caught followers off guard as it's not every day the Halo Instagram account shares fan art featuring Mario characters.

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Chances are there's nothing to this. While it seems like Nintendo and Xbox are working on something, it's highly unlikely the person running the Instagram account for Halo knows anything. That said, the timing is dubious, though this may be a product of design.

While there probably isn't anything to any of this, it's caught the attention of Nintendo and Xbox fans. Again, if this was shared a few months ago, nobody would blink twice at it, but the timing is noteworthy.

halo infinite
(Photo: Bungie)

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