Update: Microsoft Denies Halo Infinite Will Launch Without Multiplayer

Update: Halo community director Brian Jarrard commented on the rumor to say “this is not true.”

Original: Halo Infinite is still scheduled for a Holiday 2020 release, but a new rumor following the game’s Xbox Series X showcase suggests that multiplayer might not be available right when the game launches. That would leave only the campaign mode and whatever other features 343 Industries has planned for launch which might not be a big deal for those who are mostly excited about continuing the Halo storyline, but it could be a deterring factor for those are primarily looking forward to Halo’s signature multiplayer component.

This latest Halo Infinite rumor comes from Brad Sams of BWW Media Group, an individual who’s often well-versed in Microsoft-related news including its hardware and video game developments. During a recent “Sams Report” release, Sams said one of his sources has informed him multiplayer may won’t be available at launch.

“We didn’t see any multiplayer,” Sams said about the Xbox showcase. “Now, one source is telling me – and this is only one source, so I can’t absolutely scream it from the higher tops, but they’ve been pretty decent in the past – one source is saying that multiplayer is not going to be shipping with single-player this fall.”

We’ve seen only limited details at this point on Halo Infinite’s multiplayer with none of that information showcased during the Xbox Series X event. Even before the event took place, however, the plan was always to show only the campaign during the showcase. Developer 343 Industries confirmed as much in a Halo Waypoint update weeks ago highlighting that we’d be seeing Halo Infinite’s campaign during the event, and several previews of the Xbox Series X showcase before the event stressed that we’d be seeing the campaign and campaign only.


Whether the Halo Infinite rumor is accurate or not, even the idea that multiplayer might not be available at launch isn’t a great follow-up to a showcase that excited many but left some questions unanswered. The graphics didn’t sit right with many people who didn’t consider the Halo Infinite preview to be a promising preview of the next-gen power of the Xbox Series X. It’s been pointed out already that the build we saw was a work-in-progress creation and, as expected, looks better when you view it at 4K and 60FPS.

Halo Infinite is scheduled to release as a launch title for the Xbox Series X some time during Holiday 2020.