Marvel X-Men Rise and Fall HeroClix Previews: Havok, Mr. Sinister, Dark Beast, and More

The X-Men go cosmic in the latest Marvel HeroClix sets, X-Men Rise and Fall, and has four exclusive previews. After introducing the Krakoan era X-Men to HeroClix in last year's X-Men: House of X set, WizKids is reaching a little further back in the X-Men's history to the 2007 storyline "The Rise and Fall of the Shi'ar Empire" as the primary inspiration for its latest X-Men set. That means a focus on the X-Men character who thrived during that era, plus new versions of the space-faring outlaws the Starjammers, members of the Shi'ar Empire and the Imperial Guard, and more.

We start our previews off with Havok, who helped lead the X-Men into space in "The Rise and Fall of the Shi'ar Empire" in pursuit of his long-lost brother, Vulcan, and later replaced his fallen father Corsair as leader of the Starjammers. That storyline is represented in this common figure's keywords, which include Starjammers, X-Factor, and X-Men.

005 Havok
(Photo: WizKids)

At 35 points, Havok as the X-Men team ability, Running Shot replaced down-dial by Sidestep, and Energy Explosion. He also has the new Rally trait, which allows him to bank opposing attack rolls of 5 (shaped like an "X" on the die) for later use when he unleashes Energy Explosion.

Next up is the rare Carmella Unuscione figure. Carmella is a devotee of Magneto, sporting the Acolytes, Brotherhood of Mutants, and Amor keywords, as well as the Brotherhood of Mutants team ability. Carmella costs 50 points to play. She has a trait called Bio-Electric Charge that grants her Force Blast and Giant Reach: 3.

041 Carmella Unuscione
(Photo: WizKids)

For powers, Carmella starts with Sidestep, Penetrating/Psychic Blast, Close Combat Expert (handy with that traited Giant Reach), and a special power called Psionic Exoskeleton. The power grant Energy Shield/Deflection, and "Carmella Unuscione takes a maximum of 1 damages from attacks that do not deal penetrating damage." Later in her dial she replaces those powers with Charge, Quake, and Impervious.

Next is another rare figure, Mr. Sinister. He carries the Hellions, Horsemen, Marauders, and Weaponx X keywords and can be played at 85 or 40 points.

Mr. Sinister has two traits. The first is My Own Clone Bodyguard, which reads, "During force construction, you may choose a character on your starting force that is less than or equal to Mr. Sinsiter's point value to be Mr. Sinister's Clone this game. The Clone gains all of Mr. SInister's keywords."

044 Mr. Sinister
(Photo: WizKids)

The second trait is Mr Sinisters' Dealin' A HGame That Don't Allow For Wild Cards. The trait states,m "Whenever an opposing character uses the Wild Card team ability, after resolutions deal that character 1 penetrating damage." Sinister also starts the game with a special damage power called Master Manipulator. It grants Leadership, Mastermind, Outwit, and "When Mr. Sinister Uses Leadership or Mastermind, the Clone is considered to be adjacent if it's within 4 squares of Mr. Sinister." The rest of Sinister's dial includes Stealth, Sidestep, Penetrating/Psychic Blast, Incapacitate, Invulnerability, Regeneration, and Outwit.

Finally, we have the Prime Rare figure from the set, Dark Beast. Hailing from the Age of Apocalypse timeline, he naturally has the Age of Apocalypse keyword, as well as the keywords for Dark X-Men, Exiles, Morlocks, X-Men, Monster, and Scientist.

Dark Beast costs 70 points and has two traits. The first is Take This One to the Breeding Pits, which reads, "During force construction, you may add a character on a starting line of 50 points or less to your Sideline and it becomes an Experiment. Dark Beast starts the game with a Research token. When Dark Beast hits, give him a Research token.

047b Dark Beast
(Photo: WizKids)

His second trait is You Show Potential. It grants, "FREE: Choose and adjacent character. For each of Dark Beast's Research tokens, choose a standard power displayed on the Experiment's starting click. Until your next turn, the chosen character can use the chosen power(s)." His dial also has Charge, Plasticity, Blades/Claws/Fangs, Poison, Super Sense, and Outwit, and Improved Movement: Ignores Elevated Terrain.

What do you think of these new HeroClix figures? Let us know in the comments. Marvel HeroClix: X-Men Rise and Fall can be found at your local game store beginning June 9th.