The Internet Loves How Xbox Brought Two Friends Together

The world sure is a big place when you think about it. It features a ton of people, decent graphics, and the audio is pretty good.

That said, sometimes people need to escape to the Internet to enjoy the digital landscapes provided by countless video games and the like. This is also a great place to make connections with others and even find people one can call friend. Such is the case with Redditor TrevT2, who took to the popular site to provide an anecdote about how they met their friend Bruce while playing Halo 3.

Over 11 years ago I met my friend Bruce playing Halo 3. We’d have never met if it wasn’t for online gaming, He lives in Washington and I live in California. But after getting to meet up a few times over the years he got to come with me on a cruise to the Bahamas. Pretty crazy how gaming got us here from r/gaming

Naturally, everyone loved the short tale of two people becoming friends through the powers of video games. This prompted many to share stories of their own, making it one wholesome thread. Well, as long as you don't scroll too far down.

User WatzAGurl2Do chimed in with "I wound up buying a headset just to be able to talk to and get help from a player who friended me on Destiny after a crucible match. That random invitation led me to a group a friends with whom I still continue to play Destiny 2. Met my boyfriend as part of this group, too. The Internet makes the world a whole lot smaller sometimes."

"I started playing with a group back when I was in high school living with my parents," another Redditor said. "Now I'm married living in another country, and still game with that same group of guys over a decade later. I consider them closer friends than most of the people I've met along the way."

Video games bringing people together - is there anything better? Just think, the people you're playing any given game with these days could be going on a cruise with you later. They could be standing up in your wedding, going to concerts with you, or even grabbing a cup of coffee with you.

Of course, as it is with any aspect of life, there are risks involved. We wouldn't recommend meeting up with someone you've only played a round or two of Fortnite with, but after developing a friendship and collecting Victory Royales galore over the course of time, who knows what could happen. You just might end up meeting your best friend. Either way, stay safe out there, gamers!


Have you befriended someone you happened to come across in a video game? What sort of feel good friendship story have you got to tell? Let us know in the comment section below, or send me your tales over on Twitter @anarkE7!