Here's What Jon Bernthal Would Look Like As Solid Snake

Following up on suggestions stemming from a Street Fighter, artist BossLogic has now given us a look at what The Walking Dead’s and The Punisher’s Jon Bernthal would look like as Solid Snake.

The protagonist of the Metal Gear Solid games was brought up more than once when BossLogic revealed his interpretations of what Bernthal would look like as various characters from Street Fighter. BossLogic turned the actor into Ryu, Ken, and Akuma, but the only thing that many people appreciating the post could see when looking at Ryu and the original image of Bernthal was Snake from the Metal Gear games. The comparisons and suggestions to turn the actor into the stealthy agent were so frequent that BossLogic accepted the challenge and came back with a new project that shows the actor with the same stony expression, though this time in the form of Snake.

Since so many asked for @jonnybernthal as #snake in the previous post 😁

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Others suggested different actors could fill the role of Solid Snake as well with names like Christian Bale and Chris Evans being mentioned, but Bernthal looks as though he’d be a fitting choice based on appearances alone for the role of Snake.

BossLogic’s various takes on Bernthal started just recently when he mentioned that some new statues of Ryu seemed to resemble Bernthal because of their similar expressions, though he made it clear that he wasn’t trying to fan-cast the role or whitewash it as many would later come to say despite his disclaimer. After showing a side-by-side comparison of Bernthal and the statue, BossLogic returned later the next day with a mashup of Bernthal as the various Street Fighter characters with another reminder that he’s not trying to cast the fighters, just trying to see what they’d look like if Bernthal played them.


There is a Metal Gear Solid movie in the works though from director Jordan Vogt-Roberts, so perhaps there’s some chance that Bernthal could take up the mantle of Snake for real. Though the movie’s made great strides recently with Vogt-Roberts telling IGN that the script has now been sent in, the director said that he has “a billion different ideas” in his head regarding the casting decisions he’ll make. He did add that some recent concept art used Christian Bale’s likeness to create Snake, though he stressed that that’s not an indication of anything further with the actor’s appearance just used as a jumping point for the artist.