KFConsole: Restaurant Chain Fully Reveals Its New Gaming Console

KFC teased the reveal of their new gaming console – the KFConsole – months ago saying it would [...]

KFC teased the reveal of their new gaming console – the KFConsole – months ago saying it would rival the next-gen devices releasing this year. Tuesday, the restaurant chain revealed more and we now have our first full look at the KFC Console.

KFC's game console sure sounded like a joke when it was first teased in June, but it now looks like it's actually real in some capacity. A landing page on the Cooler Master website shows off different perspectives of the device and its features.

KFC Console Specs

The KFConsole is powered by an Intel Nuc 9 and has a GPU slot that will allow gamers to outfit their console with different components to allow gamers to customize their device and not fall behind in technology as new graphic cards come out.

With 2 TB of storage, the KFC console will rival base models of both the Xbox and PS5. All of this is packaged into a case that was designed by Cooler Master that resembles a bucket of KFC chicken.

The KFC gaming console spec details include:

  • Intel Nuc 9 Extreme processor – Intel's Next Unit of Computing Core i9
  • Asus-powered graphics
  • A hot-swappable GPU slot
  • Two Seagate® BarraCuda® 1TB SSD drives

Finger Lickin' Gaming Console

Alarmingly, while it does not have a way to cook your chicken, it seems it actually does have a way to at least keep it warm. In what KFC Gaming and Cooler Master described as a "world first," the KFC console has the aforementioned chicken chamber included in the design allowing the game console to keep your food warm using the system's natural heat.

"Never risk letting your chicken go cold again thanks to the patented Chicken Chamber," the site detailing the device's features said. "Utilizing the system's natural heat and airflow system you can now focus on your gameplay and enjoy hot, crispy chicken between rounds."

Despite how many details about the console were shared, lots of questions still remain. Just how real is the console? If it is indeed a working product that can play games, how much should it cost? How many of them have been made? Will it be sold? Can it run Cyberpunk 2077 better than the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One can? Will this reheat the console war as much as it heats your chicken?

We don't have answers to those kinds of questions yet, as KFC's game console was only just revealed. But we can almost guarantee we haven't seen the last of the KFConsole.