League of Legends Sets Date for End of Clubs

Riot Games announced back in September that it’d be shutting down League of Legends’ Clubs feature, the one that players use to group themselves together into smaller communities based on champion preference, unofficial teams, or simply likeminded players. With plans to disable Clubs still moving forward, the developer now has a date for when that feature will be shuttered. Clubs will shut down on December 8th, Riot Games said, with the release of Patch 10.25.

That date is currently the target for the end of the feature, Riot said in its latest update on the topic. Riot acknowledged that the removal of this feature will be a big deal for those who’ve relied on it in the past to group together with other players and reminded them of plans to work with Discord in order to set up places for these players to go once Clubs are no longer a thing.

“We’re currently targeting patch 10.25 (Live in Riot Regions on December 8th) as the patch in which Clubs are sunset,” Riot Karadwe said. “This means that, upon patching and logging into the game, you’ll no longer see Club Chat, Club Tags or any Club Roster information. We know that this will be a big adjustment for some of you, but our hope is that between now and then, you are able to migrate your community over to platforms like Discord so that you can stay in touch with your friends in League and beyond.”

The work between Discord and Riot was something mentioned when the shutdown of Clubs was first announced, but at the time, there weren’t any specifics given on how players would be able to utilize Discord’s features any other way than they currently can. Riot’s update said players can go ahead and navigate to Discord now to set up new communities for their teammates by using “League-specific templates ready to go” for those who want them.


“We purposely designed this flow to give you maximum flexibility in how your community moves forward,” Riot Karadwe said. “Some of you are members of multiple Clubs that you might want to merge. Others may only want to keep in touch with a few of the people in their existing Clubs. Yet others may want to create a brand new community composed of people on their friends lists, people in existing Clubs and people outside of League. The choice is yours and we hope this proves to be a great opportunity for you to carry forward your existing relationships while forming some new ones.”

League of Legends’ Clubs will be shut down on December 8th.