League of Legends Voice Actor Shows How Fiddlesticks' Spooky Voice Was Made

League of Legends’ newest champion rework is coming to the game soon with Fiddlesticks boasting a new set of startling abilities and an even spookier voice. Players got their first full teaser of the champion’s new voice during a preview video that showed a sound which was a long way off from the cackling Fiddlesticks that’s currently in the game. The new voice is one of the parts of the champion that’s caught the attention of players the most, so Riot Games and the champion’s voice actor, Kellen Goff, shared a behind-the-scenes video at how the voice for Fiddlesticks was crafted.

Goff’s video shown above saw the voice actor answering several questions about Fiddlesticks and the voice he gave to the champion. He said that first off, his voice is okay and that he didn’t damage it at all when creating Fiddlesticks’ wrenching, ghastly noises

For those wondering how the voice came to be, he said it was a combination of a few things. He breathes in while voicing the character, but he said he’s practiced the technique for over 12 years to the point that he can place the sounds where he wants in his throat. He described the voice as coming form the upper-right corner of his throat and said that creates a “whistling undertone.” Around the 3:40 point in the video, he demonstrates what this sounds like.

He also breathes out during some parts to construct longer phrases which he demonstrates soon afterwards. To get that sound right, he builds on a whisper until its less of a quiet sentence and more of a raspy, forceful expression.

Goff described the voice in a few different ways during the video. He said it can sound like multiple people talking at once and also incorporates animal noises, both of which are components that play up Fiddlesticks’ theme of mimicking the voices of others. Guttural growls also played a part in Fiddlesticks’ voice and can be heard throughout his various voice lines.


“Kellen Goff, the voice actor, brought a stunning range of dynamic textures and colors to Fiddle’s voice during records, which gave me an amazing performance to push and pull, splice and enhance to unearth those special and bone-chilling moments,” said Riot Zimerfly, the voice over director for League. “The sessions with Kellen yielded gem after gem of self-contained horrifying textures that I simply needed to glue together into a mosaic of death.”

Fiddlesticks is currently on the PBE for testing and will be released in full in a future update.