League of Legends Nerfing Hecarim and More Junglers in Next Update

A few League of Legends champions were welcomed into the Jungler pool in the last update while the more dominant picks were left largely unchanged, but that’s not the case in the next patch planned for the game. Riot Games previewed some of the balance changes for the Patch 11.9 update which include nerfs for Hecarim specifically with some item changes planned that’ll hit the champion and similar junglers even harder.

The nerfs outlined for Hecarim shouldn’t be surprising to anyone who’s witnessed the champion’s potential in League throughout the last few patches. He’s routinely been a strong pick, and with some of the most popular Jungler items favoring speed right now, he’s gotten even better. Riot is putting him back in his place in the next update by nerfing some of his base stats as well as a pretty noticeable nerf for his Devastating Charge ability that defines his playstyle.

Hecarim Nerfs

  • Base Armor: 36 > 32; Armor per level: 4 > 4.25
  • Q Bonus Damage Per Rampage Stack: 5% > 2% (+1% per 33 bAD)
  • W Healing: 30% > 30% (+1% per 40 bAD) of damage Hecarim deals. This percentage is halved 15% +1% per 80 bAD) for damage dealt by allies.
  • E Minimum Base Damage: 35-155 > 30-110; E Maximum Base Damage: 70-310 > 60-220

While those changes apply to Hecarim and Hecarim alone, other champions who occasionally dip into the Jungler role are getting nerfed, too. Dr. Mundo’s having his armor and attack damage reduced, Gragas will do less damage with his E, and Morgana, one of the champions who just recently got buffed in the Jungler role, will do less damage to monsters with her W.

Aside from those champion-specific changes, other Junglers like Udyr and Hecarim, too, will feel the nerfs planned for two items: Turbo Chemtank and Deadman’s Plate. Both have been go-to options for the champions who already prioritize speed and tankiness, but they’ll be less effective when the next patch releases. Turbo Chemtank will have its movement speed effect reduced by 20% while Deadman’s Plate will have its health bonus reduced by 100 points.

League of Legends’ Patch 11.9 is scheduled to go out next week, so be sure to read through the patch notes then to see what else has changed.