League of Legends Adds New Kind of Skin, Announces Return of Blue Essence Emporium

The patch notes for the latest League of Legends update detailed all the expected buffs and nerfs for different champions, items, and other systems that had changes pending on the PBE servers, but it also brought good news for League's loot lovers. Riot Games has added a new kind of skin with the release of the latest patch alongside confirmation that the Blue Essence Emporium will soon be returning for players to browse through with all their hard-earned Blue Essence.

This new type of skin which some players may have already seen is called a "Mythic Chroma." As the name suggests, this skin is a chroma for an existing cosmetic and is only available in the newly renovated Mythic Shop. These chromas will be available for 40 Mythic Essence with the first one going to Final Boss Veigar, a chroma that'll stick around from now through Patch 12.13.

"Mythic Chromas update a skin's VFX in addition to its model," Riot said about the new type of skin. "They're launching for Legendary skins as well as Mythic skins like the Ashen Knights. (Ashen Knight Pyke and Ashen Knight Pantheon's Emberwoken chromas will receive updated VFX in patch 12.18."

If Mythic Essence is a bit out of your reach right now or if you're just not keen on the Veigar chroma, you still have the Blue Essence Emporium to look forward to. This shop, for those unfamiliar, consists of chromas, icons, and one or two exceptionally rare and expensive skins that'll be buyable with Blue Essence for a limited time.

We don't yet know what all is included in this run of the store as the Blue Essence Emporium isn't live right now. It'll be around from June 28th to July 12th, but don't count on it coming back for a while after this.

"After this run, the Essence Emporium is going on hiatus while we rebuild it. Right now, running the Emporium is so inefficient it causes delays and feature cuts in other projects like events and missions," Riot said. "Beyond making the Emporium more efficient to run, we're also exploring navigation and usability improvements for when (not if) it returns. Be sure to spend all your Blue Essence during this Emporium!"

Riot is offering a little something in compensation for the store's absence, too.

"To make up for this hiatus, we're shifting the three Gemstone icon bundles into a chain of three missions (matchmade SR or ARAM)," Riot said. "This will be free for all players, granting 10 Mythic Essence each for a total of 30."

Veigar's new chroma is live in the game now with the Blue Essence Emporium scheduled to open its doors on June 28th.