New League of Legends Prime Gaming Loot Includes RP, Skin, and More

Riot Games and Twitch have long been partnering to bring League of Legends players extra loot each month through Prime Gaming, but next month, players will get one of the best deals yet. November's Prime Gaming loot for League of Legends includes Champion Shards, Orange Essence, an Eternals set, an XP Boost, a free skin, and, best of all, some Riot Points to spend on whatever you want from the store. This bundle for League of Legends players will be available to claim throughout November.

The loaded League of Legends Prime Gaming bundle was advertised on Wednesday by the Prime Gaming Twitter account and other socials to give League players a heads up about the deal. It comes with 650 RP to spend, a skin worth 1,350 RP, 200 Orange Essence, five Champion Shards, two Series 1 Eternals shards, and XP Boost that'll last you for 30 days. Even though we're still in October, the bundle is live right now for subscribers to claim.

While this League bundle is bigger than most, it's not the only kind of offering Prime Gaming has for League players this next month. In celebration of the League of Legends World Championship event that's going on now, players can also pick up a custom esports emote. More of these sorts of emotes have been promised for players during the 2022 esports events.

Riot's other games beyond the PC version of League are also getting in on the Prime Gaming deals this month. Staring on November 18th, League of Legends: Wild Rift players will be able to get the start of 24 drops that'll release every two weeks until the end of the year. Valorant players will get two weapon skins, two calling cards, four Gunbuddies, and four sprays throughout next year, and Legends of Runeterra players will get Prismatic Chests and Rare Wildcards next year.

If all this sounds like a big upgrade over what you've been getting, that's because it is. Riot and Amazon have entered a new long-term deal to make the content given away even better, the pair said.

"Since the beginning of our collaboration with Prime Gaming for League in 2018, we've teamed up to giveaway tens of millions of Skins, Skin Shards, and more. As we launched new games, Prime Gaming grew with us to deliver in-game content for players across our new titles," said Sylvia Ko, Corporate Business Development Lead for Riot Games. "Now, in Prime Gaming we have a partner that shares our focus in making it better to be a player, not only through games, but also through broader entertainment experiences players would want to engage in, including Arcane and our esports."

Prime Gaming's November loot for League is available for subscribers now.