League of Legends Reveals Viego Champion Spotlight

After quite literally years of anticipation, Viego, otherwise known as the Ruined King, is finally slated to arrive in League of Legends quite soon. And if you needed any other indication that he’s set to join the game’s roster shortly, well, Riot Games has now released the character’s champion spotlight video to tell us more about how he’ll play.

If you’re unfamiliar with what a Champion Spotlight is, it’s essentially a new video that Riot Games launches every time a new character hits League of Legends. The video not only shows off how the champion plays and their accompanying abilities, but it also details a bit of their lore. For Viego, this trend has continued once again, giving us our best look at the Ruined King so far.

For the most part, Viego has been designed to be a jungler. His kit contains a Q that deals direct damage and a W that is partially a dash, partially a stun. His E then creates an area of fog that he can hide within to either evade enemies or duke it out with them directly. When shrouded in this fog, Viego gains more attack speed and movement. Lastly, his ultimate lets him teleport to a fixed point and deal damage. It also works well as an execute to those with lower health.

The most asinine element of Viego’s kit though is that if he kills or assists in an enemy champion’s death, he then can “possess” that character. What this means is that upon possession, Viego gains all of the non-ultimate abilities, auto-attacks, and passives of the champion that he may have taken over. In a single team fight, Viego can take over and control a number of different enemies in a small span of time, assuming the fight goes in his favor. He might be a hard champion to utilize for beginners, but he's one that could prove to be quite deadly in the hands of a veteran.


All in all, Viego looks like he’s going to be a ton of fun to play, and fortunately, you won’t have to wait long to try him out. Viego is set to roll out alongside patch 11.2 for League of Legends which should be live as of this writing. Once you buy Viego from the in-game store, you can then take him right onto Summoner’s Rift.

So what do you think about Viego? Are you planning to give him a shot any time soon? Let me know down in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12 if you'd like to chat more about League of Legends.