Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons & Dragons Online DLC Are Free Right Now

As people around the country look for ways to spend their time in self-isolation, gamers are spending a lot more time with old favorites, and new games, as well. Many video game companies are looking for ways to help players do just that, including developer Standing Stone Games. The developer has announced that two of their games, Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons & Dragons Online, will be free to all players through April 30th. This includes both of the full games, as well as all of the DLC. There will also be events available in both games during this time.

Lord of the Rings Online players will find that the game has made all quests, instances and skirmishes available. From March 26th through April 6th, the Baggins' Birthday event will be available, and players can also receive a 10% Virtue XP boost. The Curator will also return, and players can find her between March 26th and April 30th. The Curator can be found in certain locations, and players can exchange Figments of Splendour to her for items.

Dungeons & Dragons Online will also have plenty of content to keep players busy. Two events will kick-off on March 26th; the Mimic event lasts until April 6th, while the Anniversary event lasts through April 30th. Additionally, from March 20-29, players can receive the Buddy Bonus 5% XP.


Overall, this is a really great move on the part of Standing Stone Games. While the CDC has advised the public about the importance of social distancing, many have not taken the advice seriously enough, which could lead to an increased number of coronavirus cases. Those who have listened to that advice, however, are looking for ways to spend the time in-doors, particularly those who aren't able to work-from-home. As such, many companies have been speeding up the number of digital releases available. It works not only as an incentive for people to stay home, but it also just might help these companies win over some new fans in the future.

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