Madden NFL 21 Reveals Super Bowl LV Prediction

With Super Bowl LV just a few days away now, the annual prediction of who will win the game has been unveiled by the EA Sports Madden NFL franchise. A simulation of the Kansas City Chiefs vs. the Tampa Bay Buccaneers played out in Madden NFL 21 predicted that the Patrick Mahomes-led Chiefs would become the back-to-back Super Bowl champions by beating the Buccaneers with a final score of 37-27. A detailed breakdown of the game showed how it'll play out, according to the omnipotent Madden NFL 21.

If the game played out within Madden NFL 21 mirrors the clash people watch on February 7th when Super Bowl LV takes place, Mahomes will be named the MVP of the game for the second year in a row along with the repeat Chiefs win. Last year's Madden NFL prediction similarly suggested that the Chiefs would win and that Mahomes would be named the MVP, so if both guesses play out as the simulation suggested they would, Madden NFL will be two for two in both guesses.

In a press release detailing how the events of the Chiefs and Buccaneers game in Madden NFL 21 played out, EA Sports said that the prospective MVP Mahomes' "mobility is the standout factor, though both Mahomes and the Buccaneers' Tom Brady had impressive performances. Mahomes threw for 422 yards with four touchdowns while Brady, a Super Bowl veteran himself, threw for 332 yards with three touchdowns and an interception. The deciding moments of the game played out in the fourth quarter included a 12-yard touchdown run b y Mahomes and a Chiefs field goal to further the lead before the clock ran out.

Super Bowl LV takes place on February 7th, so we'll have to see then if the game plays out as Madden NFL 21 and EA Sports predicted.

As for Madden NFL 21 itself, the game just recently got its big February update with a set of patch notes accompanying it for players to look over. The game was also recently playable through a free weekend opportunity for those who don't yet have it, so hopefully you were able to try it out since then if you'd been holding out.


In related news, EA Sports teased this week that the NFL won't be the only league its focus will be on. College football games are returning, EA Sports confirmed, though they'll look a bit different compared to how people remember them from the past.