Marvel: Crisis Protocol Adds Ghost Rider

Marvel: Crisis Protocol will be releasing Ghost Rider in an upcoming Character Pack. Over the [...]

Marvel: Crisis Protocol will be releasing Ghost Rider in an upcoming Character Pack. Over the weekend, Atomic Mass Games revealed a first look at its Ghost Rider miniature, which will be released later this year. No further details were given about the Spirit of Vengeance's arrival in Marvel: Crisis Protocol, but the sculpt looks similar to Johnny Blaze (the Silver Age Ghost Rider and the most recognizable Ghost Rider to most fans), and the miniature appears to have a large base, matching the size of Hulk or MODOK.

Marvel: Crisis Protocol is a miniatures skirmish game featuring the heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe. Players pick out their team of heroes and villains and then pit them against each other in scenarios inspired by Marvel storylines. Different scenarios have different objectives, which allows different team builds and miniatures to shine. Unlike other miniatures skirmish games, Marvel: Crisis Protocol doesn't limit teams to one affiliation. Although characters with similar alignments do gain minor benefits, you can put any hero or villain on the same team, even characters who would usually be at each other's throat.

With the announcement that Dr. Strange and Wong would appear in a Character Pack, and that Dr. Strange would be the leader of a new Defenders affiliation, it seems likely that Ghost Rider will be included on that team. While Ghost Rider usually appears as a leader of the Midnight Sons, his long history with Doctor Strange makes him a solid candidate for being a Defender...even though Johnny Blaze was never actually part of that team.

No release date has been given for Ghost Rider's Character Pack, in part due to a delay in new game releases by Atomic Mass Games' parent company Asmodee. We'll provide more details about Ghost Rider when they are released.