Marvel: Crisis Protocol Reveals Hulkbuster and Ms. Marvel's Powers

Atomic Mass Games has given fans a first look at the abilities for the Hulkbuster and Ms. Marvel miniatures in Marvel: Crisis Protocol. This week, Atomic Mass Games is diving deep into its various miniatures games during its Ministravaganza streaming event. In the build-up to this week's streaming event, Atomic Mass Games showed off the stat cards for both Ms. Marvel and Hulkbuster, both of which will be released later this year. Notably, both characters have some variation of a transforming mechanic. Ms. Marvel can transform into her Embiggened Form (represented by a larger miniature) as an action, while Hulkbuster switches to a smaller Iron Man miniature when it would usually would be Dazed. 

Ms. Marvel has a Threat Level of 3 and has a limited number of attacks. While in her normal form, Ms. Marvel has a Morpho-Punch with a Push ability, while her Embiggened Form comes with a more powerful High Five attack that provides her with extra energy. As an Inhuman, Ms. Marvel can automatically re-roll one of her attack or defense dice. Both of her forms also have some extra versatility - her normal form has a throw superpower, while her Embiggened form can interact with objects from a further distance than usual.

(Photo: Atomic Mass Games)
(Photo: Atomic Mass Games)

The Hulkbuster is a pretty interesting figure with some unique abilities. Not only does the Hulkbuster have a whopping 13 Health, it also comes with two powerful attacks - a Meteor Punch that can toss enemies across the board and deal splash damage to nearby foes, and a Heavy Repulsor Blast that's guaranteed to generate power and pushes its target automatically. The Hulkbuster also comes with several abilities designed to limit damage. Not only does its Hulkbusters Leadership ability reduce collision damage by 1, the "Built to Take It" superpower reduces any type of damage by 1 at the cost of 1 Power. When the Hulkbuster armor is destroyed, it's replaced by an Iron Man miniature that comes with additional versatility (such as the ability to move when damaged by an attack) and the ability to re-form the Hulkbuster Armor if it can accumulate 10 Energy.

(Photo: Atomic Mass Games)
(Photo: Atomic Mass Games)

Both Ms. Marvel and the Hulkbuster/Iron Man miniatures will be released in separate Character Packs later this year.