Marvel's Avengers' Reveals Everything You Need to Know About Today's Big Hawkeye Update

Today's the day Marvel's Avengers fans! Later today you'll be able to hop into not only a new [...]

Today's the day Marvel's Avengers fans! Later today you'll be able to hop into not only a new chapter of the story with a new playable character in Hawkeye, but you'll also have access to some longtime requested features and the next-gen update for the game bringing with it enhanced graphics, better load times, and more. Square Enix released a rundown of what you can expect from the update rolling out later today, and while we don't have the patch notes yet, we do know all of the big things coming, which also includes a new free costume, changes to currency, and a new enemy. You can check out the rundown below.

New Hero: Hawkeye
One of the most iconic archers is here! We first met Clint Barton as Hawkeye in Kate Bishop's Operation, Taking AIM, where she brought him back from the brink of a huge AIM conspiracy involving the manipulation of time itself. As Kate Bishop's mentor and close friend, Clint and Kate have similarities in their skillset due to being mentor and protégé, but nevertheless, they are two different fighters, each with their own style. You must unlock Hawkeye in the Future Imperfect Operation in order to play him in the Avengers Initiative. Hawkeye is available at no additional cost!

Operation Future Imperfect
Hawkeye's story takes us to a possible future where all hope is lost. With the help of the rest of the Avengers - and his canine pal, Lucky - Clint must discover the exact whereabouts of Nick Fury and prevent the incoming Kree invasion. Traverse the new Wastelands environment, fight against Maestro – a twisted Hulk with Banner's intelligence – and pet Lucky aboard the helicarrier in Operation Future Imperfect.

You do not need to have completed the Reassemble Campaign or the Taking AIM Operation in order to begin Future Imperfect, but we highly suggest you do as important plot points are introduced in the former stories as we build a continued narrative all the way from Kamala's origins in Jersey City to where Future Imperfect will take us and beyond. You can start Future Imperfect by selecting it from the Main Menu screen or the Operation Picker in Avengers Initiative.

Next-Gen Upgrade
Players who own the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One version of the game will be able to upgrade to the full next-gen version at no additional cost. Featuring updated visuals, improved destruction and Heroic detail, significantly faster load times, cross-generational play and more.

Players who want to upgrade their digital copies must go to their respective platform's digital store and select the free upgrade to start the download. Players with the physical copy must have the next-gen console with a disc drive and will insert the disc as part of the upgrade. An upgrade from a physical copy to a digital-only next-gen console is not available. If you want to transfer over your save data from one generation to the next, use the respective cloud system or a USB stick to play right where you left off. If you or a friend don't already have Marvel's Avengers on either PS5 or Xbox Series X|S, it is available for purchase right now along with physical copies of the game on March 18!

Campaign Replay
This long-awaited feature is finally here. The Campaign Replay allows you to replay the entire Reassemble Campaign from the beginning. While your data tracking campaign progress will be reverted, you will not lose any player progression like XP, character progress, and collectibles obtained up until this point. In the Operations Picker, go to the Reassemble Campaign, and select Reset Campaign Progress to start from the very beginning at A-Day. We can't wait to see what Photo Mode shots come out of your replays!

Customizable HARM Rooms
Many members of the Community have expressed the desire to tailor the HARM room for a personal Super Hero training experience, so we have now introduced customizable HARM Rooms with this patch! Accessible via the War Table, players can tailor their HARM Room experience for their needs. After a short tutorial, hop in and see what havoc you can unleash. Available on all platforms!

New Enemy: Cargo Runner Synthoid
Appearing in various places, the Cargo Runner Synthoid is a new enemy who carries items and will try to run away from any sign of danger. If you manage to chase it down and destroy it, it'll drop its cargo, which contains resources – and perhaps more. Keep your eyes open for these new types of enemies.

New Currency Options
We'll be introducing two new currency options to provide more choices for players who want to purchase Credits.

Incredible Credits Package - $9.99 – 1050 Credits
Magnificent Credits Package - $29.99 - 3450 Credits

Free Outfit for Ms. Marvel
New with this patch is a free item you can grab from the Marketplace for a limited time before 3/24! Stretch those arms and get Ms. Marvel's Night Galaxy Outfit before it disappears into the stars. Tell your friends and Strike Team members!

Marvel's Avengers is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC now, and will have true versions available for PS5 and Xbox Series X today.

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