Marvel's Avengers Adding New MCU Ms. Marvel Outfit

Marvel's Avengers is adding yet another MCU outfit, this time for the legendary Ms. Marvel. Over the last several years, Ms. Marvel has become a major Marvel hero. She was created in 2014 and has largely stayed within the comics, but her story and powers have caused her to resonate with audiences everywhere. In 2020, Kamala Khan was introduced as the protagonist of Marvel's Avengers where she was basically tasked with rounding up the Avengers after they disbanded. The character was ultimately the heart of the story and introduced millions of players to Ms. Marvel for the first time. Now, she's getting her own Disney+ TV series set within the MCU.

To celebrate the launch of the Ms. Marvel series, Crystal Dynamics has added an all-new skin for the character in Marvel's Avengers. The skin is, of course, inspired by the MCU version of the hero, which has a handmade feel to it. Given she's a child and isn't friends with the likes of Tony Stark in this series, she doesn't have the ability to make a super advanced and premium suit. It seems like fans will be able to reflect that within the video game. Despite being distinctly separate from the MCU, the Marvel's Avengers game has tied-in with a number of films and shows over the last couple of years with MCU skins for Iron Man, Thor, and many others. It's likely this won't be the last tie-in skin, especially with films like Thor: Love and Thunder on the horizon.

Ms. Marvel has already gotten plenty of praise ahead of its release on Disney+. The show is expected to offer a fresh perspective on the MCU, with the series taking place through the eyes of a child who has grown up in the age of heroes. The series is also expected to tie-in with the second Captain Marvel film, The Marvels, which is slated to release next summer.


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