Marvel's Avengers Reveals New Comic-Inspired Outfit for Thor

Marvel's Avengers is gearing up to add an all-new suit for Thor that is based on one of the character's appearances in Marvel comics. Specifically, this new suit for Thor happens to be more based on one of the god of Thunder's longtime "villains" that he has faced off with from time to time. However, in one comic book, Thor ended up merging with this baddie to create a completely different look for the character. 

As of tomorrow, Marvel's Avengers will be adding a new outfit for Thor that is inspired by one of the character's appearances in the 1980s. This version of Thor saw him donning the Destroyer armor, which was created by Asgardians. Although the Destroyer armor itself isn't necessarily villainous, Thor's brother Loki has used it as a weapon against him many times in the past. "Crafted from a metal superior even to Uru, the Destroyer is a highly sought-after superweapon. The soul of Thor is absorbed into the armor in Thor #381 (1987)," said Square Enix's description of the new skin. "Find Thor's Asgardian Destroyer Outfit in the Marketplace tomorrow!"

For most Marvel's Avengers players, this new outfit for Thor will likely be familiar because The Destroyer actually appears in the character's first solo movie. While Thor doesn't end up merging with the armor in the movie, he does end up doing battle with it before eventually returning to Asgard. 

Again, this new Asgardian Destroyer outfit for Thor isn't live in Marvel's Avengers just yet, but it will be rolling out on April 28th. When it does arrive, you'll be able to snag the skin for yourself across PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms that the game is available on.

What are your thoughts on this new suit for Thor in Marvel's Avengers? Are you going to look to pick it up for yourself when it comes to the game this week? Let me know either down in the comments or you can hit me up on social media at @MooreMan12.