Marvel's Avengers Features a Classic Civil War Line

Marvel’s Avengers is packed with references to some of the biggest Marvel moments from comics and movies with one of the most recognizable ones happening early on in the game before the combat even starts. It comes from a quote recited by Kamala Khan when faced by some gatekeeping Avengers fans. Marvel fans may recognize that quote from either the comics or the movies, but both times it appears in Marvel continuity are parts of the Civil War timeline.

If you’ve started Marvel’s Avengers and gotten even a few minutes into the game’s story by now, you’ve likely already encountered the quote in question that Kamala Khan references to some bullies who are attempting to rain on her Avengers celebrations. Kamala argues her right to be there at the celebration alongside everyone else when a boy named Flynn asks her if she really believes the Avengers read her story she submitted before telling her to get out of the way.

After a pause, Kamala responds with the classic Civil War quote. You can see her version of it below in the clip from MKIceAndFire.

“When the mob, and the press, and the whole world tell you to move, you plant yourself like a tree, beside the river of truth, and you say ‘no,’” Kamala began. “You move.”

Kamala ends her recitation of the quote by turning the tables on the bully and saying that a real fan would’ve known where that line came from. It’s a cheesy moment in a way, but it’s also an important scene for establishing the character and fortitude of Kamala even before she was imbued with superpowers that officially turned her into Ms. Marvel.

If you heard the line and could tell it was important from somewhere but couldn’t quite place it, you can look to either Amazing Spider-Man #537 or Captain America: Civil War to see where the quote came from. In the Spider-Man comic, we see Captain America delivering what would later become one of his most famous speeches to Spider-Man during the events of the Civil War stories. In the Civil War movie though, it’s not Captain America who delivers the line. Instead, it’s Sharon Carter who shares her own version of the speech.


Kamala’s version of the quote also isn’t recited verbatim from Captain America’s lines nor is it word for word what Sharon Carter said. It’s slightly different, but that too just adds to the character since she made it her own.

Captain America is now available on all supported platforms, and you can check out our review of the game here.