Rumor: Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Leak Reveals Release Date, Villains, Story Details, and More

A new Marvel's Spider-Man 2 rumor has surfaced, and while Marvel and Spidey fans are unsure if it's legit, it does have them excited about the sequel to the popular and critically-acclaimed PS4 exclusive. As for the rumor itself, it makes mention of a release window, reveal window, story details, setting, gameplay details, and much more. Again, whether the claims are all true and accurate though is up for debate, but the rumor is making the rounds nonetheless.

The rumor begins by setting the stage for the start of the game. While Peter Parker is still in New York City, the rumor says MJ is somewhere else, reporting on the ongoing peace talks in Samkyria. As a result of these talks, she won't be home for at least a few more weeks. That said, Peter has returned to the Daily Bugle to help make rent, while JJJ has returned to his position in the company as well.

Meanwhile, it's apparently now winter in NYC, which ties into gameplay quite a bit. There's light rain, light snow, heavy snow, and four other dynamic weather effects now, and you can apparently see snow accumulate on characters -- including Spider-Man -- over time. This paired with a story that reportedly unravels over a longer period of time will allow for natural time, day/night progression, however, sometimes the story will force changes in this regard.

Also making the city more lively will be more frequent and well-realized dynamic missions, which will help illustrate the friendly-neighborhood vibe the game is going for. This may mean saving a construction worker about to fall off a ledge or bringing someone to a hospital.

(Photo: Sony)

Adding to the dynamic missions will be an increase in side missions. Not much of anything salient is said about these missions in the rumor, but the likes of Mysterio and races against the Human Torch are mentioned.

Meanwhile, other characters mentioned are Eddie Brock, who will draw inspiration from his cartoon iterations, meaning he will be big and brash. Doctor Conners is also mentioned, as is JJJ, who will apparently be in cutscenes this time around.

As you would expect, with Eddie Brock in the picture, Harry will not become Venom, which is a common theory of fans. The reasoning behind this is Brock will allow for a lengthier story, and will please comic book fans. Meanwhile, they want to save Harry for something later down the road. However, Harry will reportedly be the first host of the Oscorp-created symbiote.

Tying into this, the Black Suit will be in the game. In fact, it's alleged every suit in the game will have a symbiote version.

The rumor goes into further detail about various suits, story elements, and combat, but nothing super salient. What is salient is the mention of another three waves of DLC -- featuring Morbius, Wraith, and Carnage -- a reveal later this summer, and a release window of holiday 2021.

Of course, all of this should be taken with a massive grain of salt. Nothing here has been substantiated, and even if somehow everything here is correct, it's also subject to change. What makes this rumor more interesting than your run-of-the-mill rumor though is the fact that it mentions all of this information was obtained during a recent ZOOM call between various developers on the game. Why is this interesting? Well, because just yesterday Insomniac Games had a team meeting.


Marvel's Spider-Man 2 has not been announced or confirmed at the moment of publishing. Further, for now, neither Sony or Insomniac Games have commented on this latest rumor.

H/T, Reddit.