Metroid Prime 4 Update Hints at Nintendo's Plans for the Switch Game

A new Metroid Prime 4 update has seemingly hinted at Nintendo's plans for the Nintendo Switch [...]

A new Metroid Prime 4 update has seemingly hinted at Nintendo's plans for the Nintendo Switch game, which includes making it more cinematic and emotional than previous entries in the beloved and nostalgic series. If there's one thing the Metroid Prime series has never been, it's cinematic or ambitious in its storytelling. This isn't to say there's no story to the games or that these stories aren't great, but it's never been the focus. And it may still not be the focus, but at the very least we know Nintendo and Retro Studios aren't completely backseating this aspect of the game. How do we know this? Well, thanks to a new job listing from the latter.

Retro Studios is hiring for a new storyboard artist to assist in the game's development, and for this role, the studio wants to someone who can "work with the cinematic lead to help maintain cinematic pillars" and "define emotional scenes that will resonate with audiences." Further, Retro Studios wants someone that is looking to "elevate the narrative" by exploring "interesting and innovative scenes."

Now, bits like "innovative scenes" and "cinematic pillars" may just be flowery language, but nonetheless, these bits in particular have caught the eyes of many Nintendo fans, because, again, you don't really associate words like "cinematic" and "innovates scenes" with the Metroid Prime series.

Unfortunately, in terms of noteworthy tidbits, this is the end. The job listing doesn't divulge much else that's worth highlighting, and doubly unfortunate is the fact that this is all Metroid Prime fans are going to get for a while. The game's development was rebooted last year and it looks like it's still in the early stages of development, which means if we're lucky, we'll see it sometime in 2021.

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