NBA 2K23 Reveals The City Improvements and New Layouts

NBA 2K23 is showing off some improvements to The City and some new layouts for this year's game. The Neighborhood was a big deal for fans when it was introduced. Now, people are hoping for big things with the most expansive City in a 2K game yet. On their blog, the developers explain the new affiliations that users can look forward to. More people than ever will be packing into the City area, and there's more courts to house them. Also of note is the Main Street where things like Pro-Am and the Jordan Challenge will call home. You can also play your MyPlayer games through the massive arena in the center of the festivities. Finally, a bit of that catwalk vibe walking into the arena is captured by these games. It's a lot to take in. But, luckily 2K is breaking it all down right here.

"The City, born in NBA 2K21 and only available in NBA 2K23 for New Gen consoles, set out to bring together a larger community and to surface competition amongst groups in ways we had yet to truly achieve. NBA 2K22 saw a number of improvements, specifically with the seamless integration of MyCAREER mode. NBA 2K23 takes the City in a very new direction based entirely on the feedback from you, our community!"

"One of the main pieces of feedback we heard from 2K22's City was the long traversal times when you had to run or skateboard incredibly long distances to make progress in your career or to venture between each of the affiliation court areas. We chose to tackle this community feedback in two complementary ways that I know you will appreciate," he added.

"Feedback from our community is the single most important way we can work together to grow the game into what we all want it to be. It's important to me that everyone knows that we both hear and actively seek feedback to improve the NBA 2K experience. And speaking of improving the NBA 2K experience, let's dive into what makes NBA 2K23's City the best iteration yet, by far! "

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