New Pokemon Snap Promo Shows Pokemon Feasting on Magikarp

Magikarp's mortality will be on full display in New Pokemon Snap. Earlier today, The Pokemon Company released a brief 6-second clip of New Pokemon Snap, which depicts both Pidgeot and Frillish snatching up Magikarp. Although it's left ambiguous what these two carnivorous Pokemon are about to do with Magikarp, it seems likely that the poor Water-type Pokemon is about to become a meal. The most sinister part of the new clip is Frillish's smile as it slowly descends into the depths, clutching a struggling Magikarp as it does so. You can check out the full clip below:

While The Pokemon Company generally skirts around the topic of Pokemon mortality, Magikarp is one of the few Pokemon that we definitively known is eaten both by humans and by other Pokemon. It's unclear whether the koi-like Pokemon is actually tasty (koi were originally brought to Japan as a food fish but eventually became better known for its aesthetic value) or if Pokemon and humans simply eat the fish to prevent an overpopulation of Gyarados, a dangerous Pokemon prone to destroying entire cities in fits of rage.

New Pokemon Snap is the long-awaited sequel to Pokemon Snap and will feature players exploring the Lental region, an archipelago-like region with numerous biomes. In addition to snapping pictures of over 200 Pokemon species, players will also investigate the Illumina phenomenon, a new feature that causes Pokemon to glow at night. Our preview of New Pokemon Snap noted that each area will have multiple levels and branching paths, but still maintains a chill, low-stakes vibe.

New Pokemon Snap will be released on April 30th on the Nintendo Switch.