New Pokemon Snap: What's in the Whirlpool?

A central feature of one of New Pokemon Snap's courses has a rather disappointing reveal. The Maricopia Reef is one of three water-themed courses in New Pokemon Snap. Near the beginning of the course is a large whirlpool reminiscent of the one found in the Valley course in the original Pokemon Snap. While Pokemon Snap's whirlpool led to a notable encounter with a rare Pokemon, the whirlpool in New Pokemon Snap has a Pokemon that some players may find to be a bit underwhelming, especially as players can't actually solve the encounter until rather late in the game.

In order to solve the mystery behind the whirlpool, New Pokemon Snap players will first need to unlock the evening course for Maricopia Reef. This means that they'll have to play through the main storyline of New Pokemon Snap and encounter the game's final Illumina Pokemon. After players unlock the course, head to the whirlpool and throw as many items (either Fluffruit or Illumina Orbs) as they can into it. Eventually, a Blastoise will emerge from the whirlpool still in its shell. The Blastoise will then use its water jets to fly away.

Alternatively, players can draw out Blastoise using the nearby Squirtle standing on one of the raised rocks by the whirlpool. If players hit the Squirtle with a fluffruit, a nearby Wingull will knock the Squirtle into the whirlpool. Squirtle will circle deeper and deeper into the whirlpool until it disappears into its center. A second later, Blastoise will emerge from the whirlpool with the Squirtle on its back. That sequence is a good way to get 4-star photos of both Squirtle and Blastoise for your Photodex.

Unfortunately, the Blastoise encounter is all players will draw out from the whirlpool. While the Maricopia Reef has a Mythical Pokemon hidden in its evening course, it has no ties whatsoever to the whirlpool at all. Players also won't encounter Dragonite in the whirlpool (or anywhere else in the game), which is sure to disappoint at least some players of the original Pokemon Snap.

New Pokemon Snap is available for the Nintendo Switch now.