Next Battlefield Game Reportedly Set In Modern Day

According to a new report, the next Battlefield game will be set in the modern-day. The Battlefield series has jumped around to various points in history, both real and fictional. The series has emulated real, modern warfare, jumped to the near future, the far future, and even gone as far back as World War I. It has tackled all kinds of warfare and that's part of what makes the series so enjoyable. It brings its epic-scale, sandbox gameplay to all kinds of different settings, allowing for new possibilities and stories. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but EA seems to have an idea of where it will take the series next.

A new report from XFire claims the next Battlefield will be set in the modern-day or a near-future setting. Given the fact there was a lot of demand for a return to this setting before Battlefield 2042, it's not surprising to see EA using it again. It's unclear if this will be a sequel to Battlefield 2042 or if the negative reception to the game will lead to DICE and EA sweeping it under the rug. The same XFire report also noted that Battlefield 2042 led to some "valuable lessons" at EA and DICE, leaving some team members to believe the studio will be reversing some of the changes made in the last game. As of right now, EA hasn't made any concrete announcements regarding the next Battlefield game.

It has announced some general plans for the Battlefield series going forward, including the fact that DICE will no longer be the sole studio in charge. There's no release window for the next Battlefield game and it seems likely that EA will wait a while before making any big announcements. The last thing the publisher needs is another Battlefield game rushed out the door, so fans may have to wait a few years before the next mainline entry. Maybe a spin-off like Battlefield: Hardline will be released to fill the void, but nothing has been confirmed.

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