Nintendo Announces New Indie World Event

Nintendo is planning another one of its virtual presentations for this week, though it won’t be a traditional Nintendo Direct. Instead, it’ll be an Indie World Showcase which means it’ll focus on indie games planned for a release on the Nintendo Switch. The event is scheduled to take place on April 14th which is this Wednesday and will start at 9 a.m. PT with a runtime of approximately 20 minutes.

Because it’s going to be an Indie World Showcase, those looking for announcements on Nintendo’s biggest games should reserve their expectations for a later date. This means no announcements about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or any news on Splatoon 3, but you may end up seeing a couple of games worth keeping an eye on during the event from developers that could end up being new favorites.

If you want to watch the showcase as soon as it starts, the easiest way to do so is to head over to the Nintendo site which always hosts these sorts of Direct-style presentations. Of course, the site there will simply point you to a YouTube embed, so you can always watch it on YouTube as well if you’re already subscribed to Nintendo’s channel.

Looking back at Nintendo’s past presentations, the last Indie World Showcase took place towards the end of 2020 in December. Nintendo showed off a number of games and surprised people at the end of the presentation by featuring InnerSloth’s Among Us and confirming that the game was coming to the Nintendo Switch. In true Nintendo fashion, the company announced that the Switch version of the hit game was releasing the same day it was announced.


Other indie games Nintendo highlighted on its site included Cuphead and Hades, two games which attracted devoted followings after their release. Those games and many more indies are currently available through the Nintendo eShop and will undoubtedly be joined by more on Wednesday or soon afterwards since Nintendo loves to release some games so quickly after showing them off.

The last full Nintendo Direct took place in February. It brought us announcements like the reveal of thew new Mario Golf Super Rush game coming to the Switch as well as the latest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC fighters.