Nintendo Switch Game Goes on Sale For 29 Cents to Benefit Coronavirus Relief Efforts

The coronavirus pandemic has had a major impact on the video game industry over the last few months. As a result, many around the industry are looking for ways to benefit relief efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19. The latest such effort is a sale on the Nintendo Switch title, High Noon Revolver. Through April 9th, Switch owners can get the game for a measly 29 cents, or 29 My Nintendo Gold Coins. Regardless of which method you use, 100% of the proceeds will go towards the purchase of Personal Protective coveralls and N95 masks for COVID-19 responders, as well as food for families impacted by lockdowns.

It's always great to see video game companies stepping up to do their part to help with a worthy cause. As with the recent Humble Conquer COVID-19 Bundle, these types of deals are particularly notable, because gamers are not only helping to stop the spread of the virus, but they also get something to enjoy during their own social distancing efforts. With so many games seeing indefinite delays over the last few weeks, gamers are looking for something to spend time with. Sales like these could very well help gamers discover some new favorites, in the meantime.

Published by Keybol Games, High Noon Revolver is a 2D action shooter with optional local co-op. In the game, players can choose from a variety of unique characters as they hunt down bounties in locales such as haunted mansions and sunken ships. The whole thing is complemented by a unique art style that should delight fans of indie games.

As of Keybol's most recent update on Twitter, the publisher has been able to raise enough money to purchase 160 masks in total, and meals for 150 families. The sale ends in North America on April 9th, so Nintendo Switch owners will want to purchase High Noon Revolver quickly, if they want to participate.


Do you plan on purchasing High Noon Revolver? Are you happy to see video game companies doing their part to help with relief efforts? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at @Marcdachamp to talk all things gaming!