Nintendo Switch Leak Reveals Huge Feature Cut Before Release

A new Nintendo leak has revealed a huge Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite feature that was inexplicably cut before the former debuted in 2017. The news comes courtesy of the Nintendo archives and courtesy of a 2014 document that reveals a host of details pertaining to the origins of the console, including its original design, which looks nothing like the final product. In addition to revealing the console's original design, the documents reveal that the plan was to include 3D video support in order to allow the console to be backwards compatible with the Nintendo 3DS.

It's not entirely clear if Nintendo was planning on universal backwards support, and it's unclear why this feature was scrapped, but the document reveals that much of Nintendo's early plans for the Switch either were either chopped before release or changed.

For example, while the Nintendo Switch ended up boasting a 720p screen, back in 2014, the plan was for the screen to be just 480p. Again, it's unclear why Nintendo changed its mind here, but it's a good thing it did.

Meanwhile, perhaps tying into the 3DS backwards compatibility, Nintendo hadn't made up its mind if the Switch would have one or two screens. Of course, it's quite possible 480p was on the table in order to facilitate the possibility of two screens.

Right now, none of these details have been validated by Nintendo. In other words, while the documents leave little room for doubting, they and the information they divulge should still be taken with a grain of salt. That said, if Nintendo does provide any type of statement of comment pertaining to the leak, we will be sure to update the story accordingly.


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H/T, Nintendo Everything.