Nintendo Seemingly Leaks Long-Awaited Switch Game

Nintendo has seemingly leaked its second Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite game this week, and just like the first leak, the second also involves Kirby. Yesterday, out of nowhere, Nintendo accidentally leaked Kirby Fighters 2. Not even 24 hours after this, Nintendo stealth-released the game, which is now available to play on both Switch and Switch Lite. That said, since its released, dataminers and enthusiasts have been picking through the game's files. In the process, an interesting discovery has been made: evidence of a 3D Kirby game, something Nintendo fans have been asking for a long time.

The discovery comes way of Twitter user "firubii," and as you would expect, it's starting to make the rounds within the Nintendo community. Up until this point, Kirby has largely been limited to 2D, but it looks like that could be changing soon, or at the very least, Nintendo has been experimenting with the drastic formula shift.

It's possible this could be related to a previous 3D Kirby games, like 3DS's Kirby's Blowout Blast, but this seems unlikely unless one of these not particular successful Kirby games is coming to Switch.

Of course, like every leak -- especially ones that are this inconclusive -- take all of this with a grain of salt. Nothing here is official information and it doesn't concretely reveal anything. And unfortunately, Nintendo is unlikely to provide any type of clarification or comment on the leak, as it has a pretty strict policy of not commenting on leaks of this variety.

That said, if Nintendo does provide any official comment or statement on this leak, we will be sure to update the post with whatever is provided.


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