Nintendo Switch Is Getting an Unreleased Game Boy Color Game

Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite are getting an unreleased Game Boy Color game. Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, Incube8 Games has confirmed that Infinity, a tactical RPG that was once in development for the Game Boy Color, is coming to the Nintendo Switch family of consoles in an "enhanced" form, which is to say, the Switch version of the game won't be a simple port.

"Infinity will be getting an enhanced version for the Nintendo Switch," said Incube8 Games in a Kickstarter update. "What we mean by enhanced, is that it won't be a simple one-to-one port from the Game Boy Color to the Switch; we hope to be able to utilize the improved hardware of the Switch in order to offer a few small but important quality improvements, such as modern aspect ratios and improved audio."

As for the game itself, Infinity was originally in the works back from 1999 to 2001 at Affinix Software, right at the end of the Game Boy Color's retail lifespan. As a result, it was canceled in 2002 and lost to time until it was released as a free ROM in 2016. Now in 2021, a team featuring both fresh faces and original Affinix staffers have come together to release the game on Nintendo Game Boy Color, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

"An ancient, nameless evil stirs beneath the earth, twisting the land and its people alike with its corrupting force," reads an official pitch of the game. "Two rival nations careen toward war, as a shadowy figure arms them both with unholy weapons of immense power. A disgraced knight is called upon to overcome the centuries-old pain that divides these peoples, his own grief, and the malevolent forces fanning the flames of hate. This epic tale frames a roleplaying game with a unique tactical battle system, a detailed world with over 50 explorable areas and more than 100 items, and beautiful 8-bit graphics - all to immerse you into the world of Infinity!"


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