This Nintendo Switch Game Is on Sale for Just $0.01

Nintendo has made a Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite game one penny on the eShop. No, really. Since the coronavirus pandemic started to force everyone inside, developers and publishers have been putting their game on discount, and in some cases, making them free. For example, today Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment made a popular PS4 game 100 percent free for a limited time. Continuing this trend, Nintendo and developer M7 Games have made the former's retro platformer $0.01.

More specifically, all Nintendo Switch owners can now nab Revenge of the Bird King for $0.01 on the eShop. Is Revenge of the Bird King the best looking game? No, but it does look decent, and it's literally one penny. You can buy virtually nothing with a penny, so the fact that you can get a whole Nintendo Switch game for one is pretty incredible.

Better yet, the game only takes a humble 82 MB of space. However, if you speak any language other than English, you're out of luck, because on Switch it only supports English.

"Plant seeds, grow guns, be the bird-man you always wished you could be," reads an official pitch of the game. "A group of intergalactic superheroes has come to your world, bringing with them a tale of mystery and complete nonsense. Explore, level-up, find secret treasures, and challenge yourself to some good ol' classic jump'n'shoot action in this retro-inspired action/platformer/RPG-lite."


Again, is Revenge of the Bird King going to surprise you so much that it will send your socks flying? Probably not. Will it be your favorite game of the year? Definitely not. However, for a penny, it's a steal.

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