Nintendo Switch Update Makes Subtle eShop Change

Nintendo has updated the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite with a subtle, but appreciable addition. Last year, to celebrate the 35-year anniversary of Mario, Nintendo updated the Nintendo eShop so that 8-bit Mario and Super Mario 64 would randomly appear while loading a screen on the digital storefront. And these two still randomly appear, but now they've been joined by Cat Mario.

Nintendo hasn't revealed why it's added Cat Mario to the Nintendo eShop's loading screens, but it likely has something to do with Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury's upcoming release. Whatever the case, if you see Cat Mario on your loading screen, this isn't a bug, it's a feature.

If you aren't on Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite, but would like to see the new subtle feature in action, then check it out below, courtesy of the official Nintendo of America Twitter account.

This addition comes the same week that Nintendo announced a new Mario-themed Nintendo Switch. Nintendo has really been leaning into the series' anniversary, and it makes you wonder what it's going to for The Legend of Zelda this year, which will also be turning 35 next month. Rumors have suggested that Nintendo is preparing to go big like it did this year with Mario, which may mean that at some point Link will join Mario on the loading screens of the Nintendo eShop.

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