Persona 5 Gets The Vinyl Treatment, New Video Talks Creative Inspiration


So many epic games are getting the vinyl treatment lately, including the Witcher, Cuphead, Uncharted, and so many more! Now fans of the popular Persona series can get in on the action, as iam8bit drops a new video showcasing the making of the Persona 5 vinyl set! There are two editions, the 6 LP, which is already sold out, and the 4 LP, which can still be pre-ordered here.

Here's what iam8bit had to say about the "intricacies" of making the Persona 5 vinyl set:

For more directly from iam8bit:

Persona 5 is a massive and epic opus of a game – the kind of 100-hour-plus JRPG journey that it is impossible to peel away from.

The soundtrack is equally epic, featuring hours of jazzy, poppy, energetic musical magic that you'll find yourself unconsciously whistling throughout the day. From upbeat vocally-driven songs (many featuring the incomparable throaty gusto of Japanese soul singer, Lyn Inaizumi) to more contemplative, instrumental riffs – it's an impressive ensemble of tunes.

Quite simply, Persona 5 is one of our favorite videogame soundtracks to date.

We're so proud to be releasing the Persona 5 soundtrack that, together with ATLUS and SEGA, we decided to do something rather radical – we're going to document and share the entire process of creating a vinyl album with Persona 5 fans, from start to finish.

  • The Essential Edition 4 LP
    • Features tracks from the Altus team, which hosts many of the popular Persona 5 track lists featured in the game
  • Deluxe Edition 6 LP
    • Hosts all 110 songs from Persona 5

Unfortunately the 4 LP doesn't feature all of the track lists, but it's still an enjoyable collectors item for fans of this oddball franchise. If not for you, it's also the holiday season and the perfect time to get that special gift for friends and family.