PlayStation Plus Leak Hints at Return of Classic PS1 Game

A classic game from the PlayStation 1 era may soon be playable once more on modern consoles thanks to a leak which appears to suggest Dino Crisis is making a return. The dinosaur game from Capcom – and, more specifically, Regina from Dino Crisis – was spotted this week in a promotion for the new tiers of PlayStation Plus which have already begun launching regionally ahead of their global rollout. Sony has not yet confirmed at this time any plans to make Dino Crisis playable on the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 via PlayStation Plus, however.

Credit for the Dino Crisis find goes to Twitter user DarkClong who shared the screenshot below captured from a PlayStation that's already gotten access to the new PlayStation Plus tiers. Opposite Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West is Regina from Dino Crisis. The revamped subscription service has only launched regionally in Asia with the exception of Japan for the time being, so this isn't an image everyone would see on their own console and may not even be one used once the new PlayStation Plus tiers get wider releases.

Though Sony again has not said anything specific about Dino Crisis in its list of the classic PlayStation games that'll be available via streaming through the PlayStation Plus Premium tier, the fact that the game was used in this promotion is good news for those who remember it fondly. And there are plenty of those people out there, too, with many asking time and time again for Capcom to do something fresh with the franchise that's remained dormant for years. The original Dino Crisis released first for the PlayStation console in 1999 before coming to other platforms later, but there's no easy way to play Dino Crisis currently unless you own the game still, and there's certainly no straightforward way to play them on a modern console like the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5.

Sony has gradually begun announcing more games included in its PlayStation Plus lineups as the service starts to rollout, though not everyone is happy with the way things are being handled. Much of that frustration deals with the way PlayStation 3 games are integrated into the service while more recent complaints suggest that people are being penalized for taking advantage of a subscription option that allowed people to easily stack their months of PlayStation Plus ahead of the new tiers' rollouts.