PlayStation Insider Provides Update on Rumored Silent Hill PS5 Game

This year's presentation of The Game Awards came and went without any mention of a new entry in Konami's Silent Hill franchise. Rumors had been swirling about a PlayStation 5 exclusive developed in-house by Sony and published by Konami that was supposed to be revealed on Thursday night. While some fans might assume this is the nail-in-the-coffin for the rumor, insider @AestheticGamer1 claims that a new Silent Hill game is still in the works. @AestheticGamer1 (also known as "Dusk Golem" on ResetEra) was one of the first people to report the rumor, and claims that they still believe their sources on the matter.

"In mid-2020, a good acquaintance of mine knew I was talking about the Silent Hill rumors, " Dusk Golem wrote at ResetEra. "They didn't tell me anything specifically, but they are working with Konami on something entirely unrelated to all of this. They just gave me a nudge to let me know they were 'mighty positive' something Silent Hill was in the works currently, wouldn't tell me any more than that (and that's fair, they have a personal leg in the race), but were fine joining the list of people who know and can corroborate it for me."

Interestingly enough, Dusk Golem does not specifically mention the rumor that Sony is the one developing the game, merely that they have heard that a Japanese studio is working on the game. The Sony version of the rumor seemed to lose some steam following Silent Hill creator Keiichiro Toyama's departure from SIE Japan Studio. While Toyama hasn't had any role in the franchise since its first entry, many assumed that he had plans to return and direct the next series entry.

As with any rumor, it's difficult to say just how accurate any of this might be. It's entirely possible that Silent Hill is simply sitting on a shelf until the day Konami sees fit to dust it off; after all, the publisher's interest in gaming has dropped off considerably over the last few years. However, Konami has shown a willingness to license out the series to other developers, as evidenced by the presence of Silent Hill content in Dead by Daylight. If a reputable Japanese developer were interested in making a new Silent Hill game, it's quite possible that Konami would approve it. Until something is officially confirmed, however, fans will just have to keep their fingers crossed, and let Konami know that there's still a strong interest in the series.


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