PlayStation Store Updated With Long Overdue Feature

The PlayStation Store is being updated with a long-overdue feature, and a feature so basic many are surprised it's only being added now. According to the official PlayStation Twitter account, any game can now be added to a Wishlist feature on the PlayStation Store. This isn't what's new though. This has been a feature for a while. What's new is what's bolstering functionality which is the ability to enable push notifications for Wishlist Updates on the PS App or PS4/PS5 console. Of course, this is a basic digital storefront feature that virtually every digital storefront has, so it's unclear why it took PlayStation this long to implement it, but it's finally here.

Unfortunately, the wishlist feature is currently pretty rudimentary, even with this addition. For example, there's no option to view the wishlist of users in order to gift them games on their wishlist. And right now, there's no word of this functionality being added. Right now, it's also unclear why there's still a capacity on the wishlist, or in other words, a limit on how many games can be placed on it. Meanwhile, PlayStation users have also been reporting issues with the feature not working properly. So far, these issues have not been addressed by PlayStation in any capacity.

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