Pokemon Anime Teases the Epic Battle We Never Knew We Wanted

A preview for Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon teases an epic confrontation between two titans.

After this week's episode of Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon, the Pokemon Company released a 60 second teaser previewing some of the show's upcoming episodes next year. There were a couple of big teases, including the debut of the mythical Pokemon Marshadow, and a fight between James and a Toxapex over the heart of James' Mareanie (who apparently has feelings for both James and Toxapex). However, the biggest surprise was the hint of an epic fight between Bewear and the Ultra Beast Buzzwole.

Needless to say, fans are pretty pumped about the prospect of a fight between the two Pokemon:

For those who haven't paid attention to Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon, Bewear acts as a guardian angel of sorts for Team Rocket. After kidnapping Team Rocket in the show's earliest episodes and bringing them back to its lair, Bewear has served as Team Rocket's primary means of escape...even at times where Team Rocket doesn't want to be saved!

Team Rocket has a complicated relationship with Bewear, as they're appreciative for the food and shelter it provides but unhappy about how it keeps dragging them back to its lair.

Bewear is also depicted as insanely strong - a beast of a Pokemon capable of crushing trees with a single swipe and leaping enormous distances in a single bound. While this Pokemon just wants to be affectionate, Bewear certainly seems capable of destroying anything that comes in its path.


That's why its upcoming battle with Buzzwole is so intriguing. Buzzwole is a Ultra Beast, a strange type of Pokemon with awesome stats that hails from another dimension. Buzzwole resembles a mosquito on steroids and can absorb the life energy from its foes to make itself even stronger. While much isn't known about Buzzwole, the Pokemon is apparently capable of destroying a garbage truck with a single punch.

Buzzwole vs. Bewear sounds like it could be the most epic battle we've ever seen in the Pokemon anime. We don't know when this slobberknocker of a fight will take place, but we're guessing that it'll be sometime in either January or early February.