New Pokemon Plush Is Super Large and Super Rideable

Bandai is selling its largest Pokemon plush doll yet.

Earlier this week, Bandai started advertising its new "Zettai ni Noritai Rapurasu," which translates to "A Lapras You'll Definitely Want to Ride." This Lapras doll is huge - standing nearly four feet high and having a width of over six feet. As the advertisements below show, this Lapras plush is actually large enough for a full sized human to comfortably sit on.

Riding Lapras is actually dates back to the earliest days of the Pokemon franchise. Early Pokemon concept art shows a trainer riding on an earless version of Lapras across the ocean, using its shell as an improvised saddle. Ash, Misty, and Tracy Sketchum later rode a Lapras during their journey through the Orange Islands, and various Pokemon games have shown Lapras as the default "Surf" Pokemon via special overworld sprites.

Lapras is loosely based off of the Loch Ness Monster, a famous cryptid that lives in Scotland. In many Pokemon games, Lapras can't be found in the wild and can only be traded for or obtained via a friendly NPC.

Unfortunately, the Lapras plush is only available in Japan and is extremely expensive. The plush costs 79,400 yen ($750) which is almost as expensive as the solid gold Pikachu statue we discussed yesterday. The plush was also very popular, with pre-orders selling out after just five hours. Luckily, Bandai does plan on running a second set of pre-orders in the near future.


For those who don't have the space for a massive Lapras, you can still order a "normal sized" Lapras from the online Pokemon Center store. The Jumbo Lapras Poke Plus is a mere 34 inches long and can be yours for a much more modest $249. The Pokemon Center site lists the plush as a "hot item" so it looks like sales have gone up thanks to the popularity of the other Lapras plush.

(h/t PokeShopper)