Pokemon Go Fans Spot Kecleon in Friendship Day Teaser

Pokemon Go fans have spotted what they believe to be a tease for a Pokemon that has been long missing from the game. Earlier this week, Pokemon Go officially unveiled details for Friendship Day, a new kind of monthly mini-event that encourages players to trade with friends and catch specific kinds of Pokemon. While the first event will feature Grass-type Pokemon, many players are wondering if it will also serve as the secret debut of Kecleon, a Normal-type Pokemon known for its ability to change colors. Eagle-eyed fans spotted what appears to be a camoflauged Kecleon's face peeking out behind Tangela. It's a very subtle tease, but it's definitely Kecleon's face and represents the firmest proof that Kecleon is finally appearing in the game.

In the main series games and anime, Kecleon is also known for its ability to basically become invisible - with only its stomach stripe invisible. In the main series Pokemon games, Kecleon's Color Change ability allows for it to change types whenever it is hit by a move or attack. Kecleon will change its type to that of the attack it was hit by, thus blunting the damage it would usually take. It's believed that Kecleon has not appeared in Pokemon Go because its Color Change ability cannot be easily implemented in the game. While every other Pokemon that originally appeared in the Hoenn region has long since been added to Pokemon Go, players have patiently waited for years for the Pokemon to appear.

The big question is whether Pokemon Go will release Kecleon with this first Friendship Day event, or if this is simply a tease of things to come. If Friendship Day is planned as a monthly event, this could be a tease that players will need to accomplish certain goals to get Kecleon to finally appear. Alternatively, this could be a sign that Kecleon will only appear in Pokemon Go during Friendship Day events, which is a sure way to make sure that people show up and participate in the mini-event.


In addition to Friendship Day, Pokemon Go has several other events planned for the remainder of the month. The game is currently hosting a Rivals Week event featuring the debut of several new Pokemon, and it has a Sustainability Day event planned for next week. The month will end with a New Pokemon Snap tie-in, featuring the first appearance of Shiny Smeargle in the game.