Pokemon Go's Meowth Limited Research Day is Today Only

alolan meowth hed
(Photo: Pokemon Go)

Pokemon Go has launched their Meowth Research Day, which gives players a chance to capture all three variants of Meowth, as well as potentially pick up Shiny versions of both the original and Alolan Meowth. Today, Pokemon Go is running a Limited Research event from 8 AM local time to 10 PM local time focused on Meowth. The event gives players to complete 20 different research quests that net a total of 60 Alolan Meowth encounters as a reward. In addition, players can also capture up to six Kantonian Meowth and two Galarian Meowth, as well as collect berries, PokeBalls, and Stardust and XP.

The event is a bit of a weird one - Meowth isn't exactly an uncommon Pokemon, and the event doesn't offer any new Shiny Pokemon or other new perks. In addition, the 20-part quest features the same collection of 10 quests twice, meaning that you'll end up repeating all your Limited Research tasks should you decide to pursue this to the end. But 60 guaranteed Alolan Meowth encounters means that you have decent odds of finding a Shiny Alolan Meowth, even if the Shiny encounter rate isn't boosted. The Kantonian Meowth also has a Shiny form, although players have less chances to grab the Shiny Pokemon during today's event.

Luckily for players, the Meowth Limited Research Day isn't the only event taking place in Pokemon Go today. The game is also hosting an Autumn event that features the new Pokemon Deerling and Sawsbuck, along with a Shiny Kantonian Vulpix, and boosted spawn rates of several "fall-themed" Pokemon. The Autumn Event's various bonuses - more effective Berries, decreased Egg distances, and more Berries from PokeStops - are also in effect for the Meowth Research Day.

Today's Limited Resarch event runs from 8 AM to 10 PM local time.