Pokemon Go Adds Shadow Eggs in New Update

Pokemon Go's latest update contains code for Shadow Eggs, a mysterious new kind of egg. Earlier this week, Pokemon Go started its rollout of its latest update, which adds a ton of bug fixes and also support for the upcoming GO Battle Hub, which adds a level of competitive play to Pokemon Go. The new update also contains code for Shadow Eggs, which seems to be tied to the Shadow Pokemon associated with Team Rocket. Right now, players can only catch Shadow Pokemon after beating Team Rocket, and even then they have a limited number of Premier Balls with which to do so. These Shadow Eggs raise the possibility of players being able to hatch Shadow Pokemon, potentially by collecting corrupted eggs from Team Rocket PokeStops.

Besides adding support for GO Battle Hub and the Shadow Eggs, the update also contains numerous fixes and a tantalizing tease for the Weather system, which could be getting "levels" of weather soon. Although Pokemon Go discourages playing during "extreme" weather, the new Weather system shows different wind speeds, which suggests that we could be getting a more dynamic weather system too. Also added to the game are avatar shadows, which will change direction and size based on the time of day.


Pokemon Go has had a busy week, with the announcement of several live events coming to the US, UK, and Taiwan later this year. Pokemon Go also announced a Lunar New Year's event that culminates with a Special Research day, and an event to vote for the subject of February's Community Day. Players can also participate in ongoing events involving Team Rocket and various Legendary Raids.

Pokemon Go's download is live on the Google Play store, and will be added to the Apple App Store later this week.