Pokemon Home Gets a Major Update

The Pokemon Home app has received a major update ahead of the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield's DLC release. Earlier this week, the Pokemon Company released Pokemon Home's first major update, which allows players to check out their Battle Data in the app. This includes overall rankings, rankings in previous Battle Competitions, and current Ranked Battle options. Previously, players had to either head into Pokemon Sword and Shield to check out this data or log onto the Pokemon Global Link webpage. As reported last night, the app was also updated to allow compatibility with Pokemon Sword and Shield's DLC, which included the addition of over 20 new moves.

To celebrate the update, Pokemon Home has also temporarily upgraded its trading abilities, reducing the amount of time needed for a Wonder Trade (a random trade that works similarly to the Surprise Trade in Pokemon Sword and Shield) and also allowing players to trade with their friends over the Internet. Players can also participate in up to 10 free Room Trades per day. No timeline has been given on how long the trading upgrades will be available, but Pokemon Home users will receive an update before they expire.

Pokemon Home was released earlier this year as a cross-platform app to allow players to store their Pokemon in a cloud-based service. Not only does the app allow for the transfer of Pokemon into the most recent Pokemon games, it was also designed to replace in-game services like the Pokemon Global Trade System and the Global Link System. Players can make either random trades or post trade requests through the app. Both paid and free versions of the app are available, and Pokemon Home will eventually be upgraded to include compatibility with Pokemon Go and presumably future Pokemon games.

You can download Pokemon Home for free on your Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.