Pokemon: First Look at Katy Perry's "Electric" Music Video Revealed

Good Morning America has shown off a first look at the upcoming music video for Katy Perry's [...]

Good Morning America has shown off a first look at the upcoming music video for Katy Perry's upcoming collaboration with The Pokemon Company. The morning talk show debuted a brief clip of the music video for "Electric," the upcoming song by Katy Perry made for Pokemon's 25th anniversary. The clip shows Perry singing to a computer-animated Pikachu on top of a lighthouse. The video then has a flashback of a young Perry performing with Pichu at a farmer's market, reflecting the start of Perry's real-life musical career. It seems that, for the music video at least, Perry's partner Pokemon is Pikachu. You can check out the full clip below, courtesy of Good Morning America.

Although Perry might seem like an odd choice to participate in a Pokemon tie-in, she has mentioned that she is a fan of the franchise, and has posted pictures of trips to Pokemon Cafes during previous world tours. At 36 years old, Perry also grew up among the first generation of Pokemon fans, so it's not a surprise that she'd want to get on a major celebration of one of the biggest franchises in the world.

"Electric" is part of the P25 Music project, an album organized by The Pokemon Company to celebrate its 25th anniversary. In addition to original songs like "Electric," the album also features covers by artists like Post Malone. Malone also participated in a 15-minute virtual concert for The Pokemon Company earlier this year. The full music video will be released tomorrow when "Electric" is officially released. The Pokemon Company has not provided a timeline for when the full P25 album will be released.

Other celebrations for Pokemon's 25th anniversary includes several Pokemon trading card tie-ins, collaborations with brands like McDonalds and Levis, and a remake of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. The Pokemon Company has also announced its first "open-world" Pokemon game called Pokemon Legends: Arceus, which marks a major departure from the traditional Pokemon game model. That game will be released in early 2022.