Pokemon Sword and Shield Player Goes Viral With Ridiculous Shiny Strategy

A Pokemon Sword and Shield player has gone viral with a ridiculous strategy for catching shinies. [...]

A Pokemon Sword and Shield player has gone viral with a ridiculous strategy for catching shinies. Pokemon Sword and Shield have been out on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite for a while. Despite this, many still play the game, sinking hours and hours into catching, training, and battling. One of the greatest pastimes for players is hunting for shiny Pokemon, which can prove a daunting task, even for those who know what they are doing.

That said, taking to Reddit, one player recently revealed an absurd strategy that definitely doesn't work, but somehow worked well for them. More specifically over on Reddit Sir Munzo shared that after dressing as the shiny they were after, they got the Pokemon in two tries.

If that sounds like an absurd tactic to you, it's because it is, but it's a method that went viral over on the Pokemon Sword and Shield Reddit page, partially for how ridiculous it is and for the drip of Sir Munzo's character.

At the moment of publishing, the Reddit post has nearly 5,000 votes of approval and over 100 comments of support and celebration.

As many Pokemon Sword and Shield players will know, there's no secret strategy for catching shinies. To an extent, there's only so much you, as the player, can do. Most of the process is luck, unless you're Sir Munzo, of course.

Sir Munzo isn't the only player to ever go to absurd lengths to catch a shiny. Just this past week one Pokemon Let's Go player went viral for what they did to catch a shiny Magikarp. For years, players have tried everything imaginable to catch shinies, often to little success.

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