Pokemon TCG Announces Darkness Ablaze Expansion, Will Feature New Pokemon from Isle of Armor

The Pokemon Trading Card Game has announced a new expansion featuring Gigantamax versions of Centiskorch, Charizard and Eternatus. Earlier today, the Pokemon Company officially announced "Darkness Ablaze," a new expansion for the Pokemon Trading Card Game. The expansion will feature 185 new cards, including some new Pokemon from Pokemon Sword and Shield's upcoming Isle of Armor DLC. The set will come with 14 Pokemon V cards, seven Pokemon VMAX cards, 17 new trainer cards, and three Special Energy cards. Signature Pokemon included in the expansion includes Charizard GMAX, Centiskorch GMAX, Grimmsnarl VMAX, and Eternatus VMAX. Additionally, the set will also include Mew V card and a Galarian Slowbro V card.

The interesting thing about "Darkness Ablaze" is that it not only teases Eternatus's Gigantamax form (a form that's currently unavailable in Pokemon Sword and Shield) but also the possibility of multiple new Pokemon in the Isle of Armor. As of now, we only know of two new Pokemon species that will appear in the Isle of Armor - Kubfu and its evolution Urshifu - and the new Galarian Slowbro form. However, it seems likely that the Pokemon Company is planning to add even more Pokemon species through the Isle of Armor, which would make the new DLC even more enticing to fans.

Since Eternatus's Gigantamax form is one of the featured Pokemon in the set, it seems very likely that the Pokemon Company will release some sort of way to unlock its Gigantamax form in game before August. Since the Pokemon TCG releases sets three months early in Japan, it's possible that we could get Gigantamax Eternatus in Pokemon Sword and Shield even earlier.

The Pokemon Company will also release a special "Build & Battle Box" as an early release for fans. While organized Pokemon TCG play is still on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this Build & Battle Box will mimic the pre-release boxes players usually get for participating in a pre-release tournament.

Pokemon TCG will release the Darkness Ablaze expansion on August 14th.