PlayStation Makes Long Overdue Improvement to Some PS1 Games

PlayStation has made a long overdue improvement to some PS1 games. The PS1 has some great games; Chrono Cross, Ape Escape, Driver, Metal Gear Solid, and several Final Fantasy games are just a few examples. This list isn't exhaustive, because if it was this would just be a story with names of PS1 games. The point is it was a great console with great games, and many nostalgic PlayStation fans yearn to play many of these games. Unless you have a PS1 still lying around, the best way to play these games is via PS Plus Premium. That said, if you're playing some of these PS1 classics via PS Plus Premium and are n Europe you'll be happy to know some of these games are improving. 

After months of requests from European PlayStation gamers, Sony has updated a pair of PS1 games available via PS Plus Premium to include a 60hz mode. Subscribers in North America already have this option, but in Europe, subscribers were limited to 50hz. Why? Well, it's complicated. 

Back in the day, the PAL versions of some PS1 games were limited to 50hz. So, these re-released versions were faithful recreations, but at the end of the day, they were still faithful recreations of inferior versions of the game, which didn't sit well with many PS Plus subscribers in Europe. But Sony is finally starting to right this wrong though as both Syphon Filter and Ape Escape in Europe now have the 60hz option. For now, it's just the two games, but this will presumably be the standard going forward.

For whatever reason, PlayStation hasn't publicized any details about this so we don't know what its plans are for other PS1 titles available via PS Plus Premium. It's also unclear why this wasn't included from the jump, but late is better than never.


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