PlayStation Store Brings Back Big Feature After Previously Removing It

Sony has added a popular feature back to the PlayStation Store after previously removing it. Why it was removed and why it's coming back now specifically, we don't know. None of this information has been provided. What we do know is that the feature is back and is presumably here to stay.

If you haven't booted up the PlayStation Store today, then what you need to know is that the Demos section has returned, which in turn has revealed there are 352 demos on the PlayStation Store for various PS4 and PS5 games. And this filter is great to have back because it makes finding demos much easier. And while demos aren't as common as they used to be, they are starting to make a comeback and there are quite a few for some highly-rated and popular games.

For whatever reason, PlayStation hasn't publicized this information. This could be because it doesn't think it's important enough to get the word out about or because it doesn't want to highlight the digital storefront didn't have the functionality to begin with. It's also possible it's because the feature has returned early. If this is the case, it could go back offline sooner rather than later. If this happens, we will be sure to update the story accordingly. As for whether there have been any changes made ti the functionality, we don't know. It appears to be the same, but there could be some backend or smaller changes we haven't noticed.


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