PS4 Adds Long-Awaited PSN Feature

The PS4 has added a long-awaited PSN feature. The PS5 is a few months away, and thus increasingly the focus of Sony. However, the PlayStation makers have confirmed on several occasions the PS4 isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Sony has promised to support the PS4 alongside the PS5, at least for several more years. And nothing is more emblematic of this support than PSN getting a feature players have been asking for since launch in 2013.

More specifically, Sony has updated the PS4 and PSN to allow users to purchase games outright that they have in their library via PlayStation Plus or PlayStation Now. Why have PlayStation players been begging for this feature? Well, there are multiple reasons, but the biggest involves game sales.

If you have a game via PlayStation Plus or PlayStation Now you don't really own it. You're renting. Once your subscription lapses to either the game will vanish. That said, sometimes the PlayStation Store will discount a game to an absurdly low price. This didn't used to be very common because sales on the PlayStation Store were rare and not great, but over the past few years, Sony has evolved PlayStation Stores to the point they rival even the great Steam sales.

In short, in the past, if you wanted to buy a game discounted to $4, you couldn't if you had it via PS Plus or PlayStation Now. And this is a problem, because it means you can't capitalize on the sale and the opportunity to own the game. This is fine if you maintain your subscriptions, but if you don't, it's a missed opportunity to save money.

Sony has also added the option to buy a free PlayStation Plus game outright, so be mindful of this so you don't accidentally wind up buying a game you can nab for free.


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