PlayStation Player Discovers Genius and Easy Way to Customize the PS5

Over on Reddit, one PlayStation player has discovered a genius and easy way to customize the PS5. All it takes is a post-it note and a PS5. Of course, the latter is nearly impossible to find right now, but everyone has the former. Once you have both of these items, all you need to do is cut the post-it note into a t-shape, and stick it under the logo on the corner of the console. If you do this properly, it will transform the PlayStation logo on the console into whatever the color is of the post-it note. Of course, this isn't the greatest makeover, but it does allow you to bring some color to the console, and unlike most modifications, there's no risk involved here.

As you would expect, this genius discovery shot to the top of the PS5 Reddit page, with 77k votes up and nearly 1,000 comments. Naturally, the discovery was made by "Try2GetFamous," who shared the image below with a brief description of how to copy the trick.

(Photo: Reddit)

Unlike many other modifications of the console done in the pursuit of customization, this one won't void warranty either, which is very important. Not only has the PS5 had plenty of issues since launch, but it's in its infancy, so who knows how will it hold up.

At the moment of publishing, Sony hasn't announced any additional PS5 models, which means if you want the next-gen machine, you will need to cop the standard white-and-black design. However, Sony did recently announce new PS5 stock and it also recently surprised both PS5 and PS4 players with a surprise freebie.


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